Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Crossover with a Friend

A friend of mine, Crystal, started a little Role Play with me and we ended up creating an entire little story around my image.

The original story goes like this.

I chose a grave amongst my enemies to save you from their wrath. I now lay in the depths with them far from the light of liberty. I will never taste the fruit of freedom, but when you eat it think of me. Deep beneath the water cold among my hated foes.

Kervak held the damaged detonator tightly. It wasn’t completely inoperative but it was messed up enough to keep it from sending a long range signal. That meant that whoever detonated it would have to remain.

Looking at the refugees as that passed, Kervak saw mothers with their children. A few badly wounded Commonwealth troopers were being carried. If the Grakons got a hold of them they wouldn’t stand a chance.

Knowing what had to be done Kervak worked her way to the rear of the group as the hurried across the high bridge. Green lasers sparked at the heels of screaming children.

Kervak remembered how much her human faster parents had given her and it was time to give back. This was the best opportunity for her to repay them for their kindness to her.

She found a small hiding place and crouched down holding the detonator in both hands.

The last of the people left the bridge and Grakons began passing Kervak quickly, their tanks rattling the structure. With a sigh Kervak pressed the button.

The last thing she remembered was a bright flash and what seemed to be a driving wind blowing her as the ground gateway beneath the unsuspecting Grakons.

The entire Grakon unite sank to the bottom of the deep mountain river Kervak along with them.

It was a long time before the people realized that she wasn’t with them. It was then they discovered how heroic the lone Gurk mercenary was. She was willing to give her all for them and that is what she did. 


Then my friend had her Character, Rover the space cowboy,  jump in for the rescue! After struggling to get Kervak breathing again, Rover managed to give this story a happy ending.

After the Role Play we both decided to draw pictures from the crossover story.

Here are two that she did. I really love the dramatic elements to these!!!

Then lastly I drew Rover trying to hear Kervak's heartbeat. 

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