Saturday, March 29, 2014

Scout's Gear

Scout technical sheet. 


Gaelen Mibeck said...

Hey Alex,
I just read that your health has taken a bad turn. Please know that me and my family will be rooting for you.

Please get better, man. Your characters need you.

Yours in Christ,
Gaelen Mibeck

Alex VanArsdale said...

Thank you so much Gaelen! I think all of the prayers kept me alive. It means a lot to me having you and your family praying for me.

I'm starting to feel better now that all of my guts are back where they should be. I had to go through two surgeries. The first one took out my appendix but it also pinched my intestine. I had two long weeks of trying to recover but I only got sicker. The doctors and the nurses where confused and could not understand what was the matter. I was throwing up for 14 days! Finally I got a CT scan and they saw my intestine pinched by the hernia. They rushed me into the surgery room and fixed the problem. As of right now I am walking and trying to get my strength back up.

I hope you and your family are doing well.

Gaelen Mibeck said...

It's good to hear from you!
Man alive, I hope you continue to recover from here onward. It sounds like you have had enough to last you a good long while.

My family and I are well, thanks.

Take it easy,
Gaelen Mibeck